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Thetabiz Corporation is global provider of corporate and business services. We help businessmen start a global business, register or file corporations, limited liability companies, get banking connections and relation to merchant account companies. Further, we help businessman optimize their business affairs, or better said we help our clients forget about administration and put their attention on income and business mattes.

We also specialized in business startups in lucrative areas such as it is investing in gold, gold scrap dealing, gold refining and precious metal recoveries, further gold mining activities.

Thetabiz® Business Services

To understand who we are, it is good idea to explain you what can we do for you?

We can help you with following matters:

  • Corporate registrations, corporate filings and registration of corporations, limited liability companies, trusts, offshore entities, within United States, United Kingdom or offshore countries such as Panama, Belize, Hong Kong, St. Kitts & Nevis, Mauritius, Seychelles, Cyprus and many others. We register money transfer companies, banks and financial services companies;

  • Business management, we can manage and represent for 100% company where you, the businessman, will be the beneficiary. We offer complete fiduciary services for company management so that you can do global business without worries about administration, taxes or other burdensome while still maintaining high confidentiality;

  • Private banking, business banking and global banking relations including bank card programs. Our company can help any business or private individual or high net worth individuals to get a bank relation in order to confidentially protect your valuable assets;

  • Gold trade investment program, purchase of gold bullion, anonymous gold buying and selling, sales and purchases of small or large amounts of investment gold, gold coins, gold bullion and other available gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion and bars; moving offshore funds and secret bank accounts into absolutely anonymous gold holdings and global gold accounts;

  • Merchant account companies, integration with merchant account and acceptance of credit cards online, by phone, by letter or fax for any US, UK or global and offshore companies;

  • Citizenship and second residency services where qualified investors can get a completely new passport and citizenship, and if not a new citizenship, you can get a new residency in a country where you would not pay any taxes on your worldwide income;

  • Real estate investment plans in those emerging market countries, where we can offer real estate construction plans and resources;

  • Internet service, such as privat E-mail accounts, Panama based web hosting, confidential domain registrations, private virtual network (VPN) and then very effective Internet positioning and marketing services;

  • Promotion and marketing services, such as direct letter marketing, mailing of hundreds of postcards or contacting your target audience and representing your products and services. Promotion in our mailing lists and those of our partners.

  • Further, we can help you get new connections to valuable businesses similarly like chamber of commerce. People to which we have connections can help you build or expand your business, or start a completely new business from scratch.

Latest on

  • New Mexico - Corporate Services
    New Mexico - Corporate ServicesNew Mexico corporate services as provided by Thetabiz Business Services are most professional and destined for US and non-US residents. Everyone may have and incorporate a company in New Mexico, US. We help non-residents and also US residents to register a Limited Liability Company or to incorporate a corporation in New Mexico, or to obtain an apostille.
  • New Mexico - Limited Liability Company Act
    New Mexico - Limited Liability Company ActNew Mexico Limited Liability Company Act, articles of organization means the original or restated articles filed pursuant to the Limited Liability Company Act and any amendments to those articles, including articles of merger or consolidation, corporation means an organization incorporated under the laws of New Mexico or a foreign corporation
  • Cardholder support services
    Cardholder support servicesCardholder support services consists of infrastructure, software, servers, statements, and online member and transaction management services. Not only that cardholders need to have control over transactions, but principals of business have to be able to manage large number of prepaid cards and prepaid card holders.
  • US Bank Account for Non-US Residents
    US Bank Account for Non-US Residents
  • International Legal Tax Avoidance Planning and Strategies
    International Legal Tax Avoidance Planning and StrategiesInternational legal tax avoidance planning and strategies are required for every business where their owner wish to optimize their financial flows, ownership for the purpose of asset protection and life planning.
  • Legal Tax Avoidance
    Legal Tax Avoidance
  • Deposit Taking Institutions
    Deposit Taking Institutions
  • Refund Policy for Thetabiz Business Services
    Refund policy for Thetabiz Business Services, corporate and administrative startup and assistive services.

Our Principles and Our Motto

We promote legal business, but we also take care of your human rights and liberal business and life and finding balance between those.

Our motto is

Thetabiz™ Helps Entrepreneurs To Achieve Business ImprovementZ

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