Gold Trade Investment Program

Gold Trade Investment ★ Managed Account

Thetabiz™ Gold Trade Program

Gold Trade Investment Program - Managed Account

Thetabiz® Gold Trade Investment Program is designed to aim for the fixed return of 72% per annum, with the 100% of your principal investment protected. This program has implemented a new trading strategy that utilizes very simple business models of purchasing of gold under the London base price and selling it for the slightly lower spot price.

Principal Investment Protection

Principal Protection: 100% capital protection. There are no losses of the investment capital, due to the secure gold trade transactions. We buy gold considerably under the spot price. And we sell for almost the spot price. Our gold trade does not depend on the gold price.

Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy is active daily trading of physical gold, without risks. We purchase physical gold on unusual locations and places, under the spot price. We aim to guarantee the fixed monthly payouts for investors in amount of 6%, making it 72% per annum. To achieve the protection of the principal investment, investment amounts are never used for expenses, but only for particular purchases of gold and sales on the next business day.

We use protected Limited Partnership companies, which make short term loans to our operative gold trade companies. Not more than a few investors use a single company for investment.

Minimum Investment

Minimum Investment shall be either TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS (USD$ 10,000) or 8000 euros (€ 8,000).

Time Period

Time Period: There is no lock in period, no minimum time period for investment and no penalty for withdrawals. You can cancel your agreement with us at any time, and enter new agreements at any later time again. Profits may be withdrawn on a monthly, quarterly, semiannually or yearly basis, providing you with steady income based on your cashflow requirements. Notice for withdrawal of the principal shall be given until the 15-th of the month, for the end of the month.

Gold Trade Investment Reports

Reporting: Individual secure web link on our website with username & password, at the close of each trading day the account will be valued and posted on that link the following business day.

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