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Promotion and Marketing Services

Advertising Services

Advertising Services of THETABIZ CORPORATION consists of effective, intentional communication with the target audience. We bring your goods and services into the minds of people in creative and efficient manner.

Marketing Services

You have products or services and you wish to bring them to the target public?

With our intelligent methods, we can efficiently help you bring goods and services into the hand of the target public and we can promise you to increase your sales.

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Internet Advertising and Marketing Services

In today's world, many companies choose first to register domain name, then decide on the usage of the company name or trademark name. That is the reality.

Any company with intentions to market, connect or sell online, has that important decision to make.

We have formed, for our clients, many companies on the basis of the domain availability. If the domain is not available, and sometimes whole bunch of domain names .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, etc. -- then the company does not get the intended name, the name gets changed. Once the domain name(s) are available, the company get named.

That is the reality for many online companies.

Many companies start in the same manner: Twitter.Com probably has chosen first the domain name, then incorporated a company. But it could be successful anyway, regardless of the name: it could be Chatter.Com, Chipper.Com, Cuckoo.Com, Gaggle.Com, and so on.

There are numerous ways to express the same idea over and over again.

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